JVC, a subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation, is renowned for its cutting-edge audio and video products incorporating advanced technologies for superior sound and image quality.

In the realm of consumer electronics, JVC offers a diverse array of high-definition displays, home theater projectors, digital camcorders, audio systems, portable devices, storage solutions, and car audio/video equipment.

With a rich history of innovation dating back to its origins in Yokohama, Japan in 1927, JVC has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology. Notably, it pioneered the VHS videocassette format and has continued to introduce groundbreaking products like home theater projectors and digital camcorders, captivating audiences worldwide.

Beyond consumer goods, JVC also provides professional electronic equipment including cameras, camcorders, monitors, editing tools, projectors, and security systems.

Key figures such as Kenjiro Takayanagi have played pivotal roles in JVC’s evolution, contributing to milestones like the commercialization of color TVs and the development of videocassette recorders.

Throughout its history, JVC has strived for realistic sound reproduction, evidenced by achievements like the 45/45 stereo record system and advancements in videotape recorders and audio systems.

Notably, JVC’s introduction of the world’s first VHS format video recorder in 1976 revolutionized visual communication and set a new standard for the industry.

Today, JVC remains at the forefront of innovation with products like 4K e-shift D-ILA home theater projectors, rugged HD Everio camcorders, and premium headphones, continuing its legacy of excellence in audiovisual technology.