Behind The Name

Our company’s know-how and experience has its roots back in 1960, when Mr. George Stephanis operated a small family business that dealt with electrical appliances and repairs. In the mid-eighties, the business shifted solely to the sales and installation of car audio products, and though it has exponentially grown since then, the area of expertise remains the same.

In 1993 the second generation, (the son of Mr. Stephanis) joined the company after concluding his studies in the field of business and since then the business started focusing in car audio installations.

 In the year 2000 his son took over the management of the business and sets as primary goal the increase in business co-operations in the field of car audio installations. That period also coincided with many changes in the Car industries, thus making car installations more complex. It was clear that new products and parts would be needed and also a wider range of installation know-how would be demanded in also to keep up with the everchanging car technology. So, the company decided to seek new cooperation with spare part manufacturers so it could have the necessary products to perform professional, reliable, and high quality installations on any kind of car.

At first, the company was recognized for its expertise, and also for being able to offer any kind of solution regarding any car. All sales of installation parts and products were made through the shop, and directly to the end customer. Once the company was recognized throughout the island for its expertise and specialization regarding the car audio field, we started appointing resellers and dealers throughout the island, and the first distribution network was created.

Following this success, our company acquired the distribution rights of many more companies in the car audio installation field, and that made us stronger, since we could now offer even more possible solutions throughout our range of products.

Following advances in technology we also entered successfully the business of hands free car kits and parking sensors installations.

In 2006, we formed a second shop also specializing in the sale of car audio products and installations. This helped us expand in different areas, and also allowing us to perform more sales and installations, making us faster and more efficient.

The next step was obvious. The infrastructure and organization was there, but we were missing a cooperation with a well-established car audio brand so we could have a whole and complete solution for any car. From any spare part, to head units, amplifiers and speakers. And this is exactly what we did. We started forming cooperation with world-wide famous brands that we distribute throughout the island until today.

In 2012 we decided that our second shop would focus on the home audio field. Although it still carries our car audio line, the focus is to become a leading shop in the supply of home audio Hi-Fi equipment. Once again, we followed the successful formula of acquiring the distribution rights for specific world-wide known brands, thus being able to supply our customers with a complete solution that would be fit for their needs. A demo room was formed offering the customers the chance to audition any products they wish to purchase prior making the commitment.

After these two shops were adequately equipped so they could work in parallel in their own respective fields, we then turned our attention to the marketing and organization of the brands.

Informing our customers and dealers of all the new technologies, upcoming new models and solutions, is now a vital part of our business and one of the most important tasks.

Our company is now regarded as one of the leaders in both the Car audio and Home Audio sector. With well-known brands under our wings, and many years of experience and knowledge in both sectors, we always strive to better ourselves and offer our products and services in a professional manner. Our target was, and always will be to follow all technological advances, so we can offer the best, efficient and reliable high quality solutions to both our business partners and our end customers.