IMI-1000 Retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto Interface

Exciting news for Volvo owners! 🚘📱 We recently installed the VOLVO RETROFIT CARPLAY AND ANDROID AUTO UPGRADE KIT from Integrated Automotive UK, and it has completely transformed our driving experience.

With this retrofit CarPlay and Android Auto kit, we now have seamless access to all our favorite smartphone apps directly on the factory fitted Volvo audio system. The kit includes the IMI-1000 mini-computer, which connects to the rear of the head unit and retains the existing Volvo display screen mounted on the dash. This means we can enjoy the benefits of CarPlay and Android Auto while still maintaining an “OEM” feel and appearance.

Some of the standout features of this kit include:

Wireless Apple Carplay
Wireless Android Auto
Option for rear and front camera integration
OEM integration with Porsche controls such as steering wheel and rotary controller
Siri and Google Assistant compatibility
Choice between DIY installation or professional installation
UK support and warranty for peace of mind
We were impressed by the seamless integration with our Volvo and the ease of use. Now, we can effortlessly control CarPlay and Android Auto using the existing rotary controller, steering wheel controls, or even the touch screen if fitted. It’s like having a brand new, connected multimedia system right in our Volvo!

If you own a Volvo model manufactured between 2015-2019 and want to upgrade your audio system with CarPlay and Android Auto, we highly recommend the VOLVO RETROFIT CARPLAY AND ANDROID AUTO UPGRADE KIT from Integrated Automotive UK. To learn more about the kit and make a purchase, visit their website: [insert the link you provided]

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the installation or our experience with the kit. Enjoy the convenience and connectivity on your Volvo journeys!