A6G209PF / ATOTO 9” Android Radio With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Operating System: Android 10
Sim Card 4G Support: No
SoC: 8 Core ARM Cortex-A55, 1.6 GHz
Language: System Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and another 12 languages
Power Output: 4 x 45W High Power Toshiba Amplifier
Pre-outs: 3 PreOuts (2V Front + Rear + 0.8V Subwoofer)
Optical Output: No
Video Output: Yes using:
AC-AHV68: USB to HDMI adaptor
AC-AHV48: USB To RCA adaptorNote: Both are sold separately
Display: Full HD true 9-inch 1280 * 720 IPS screen (brightness 600cd/m2); 5-touch capacitive touchscreen; the viewing angle is a staggering 178°, meaning that even when looking at the screen almost sideways, you can still see the display very clearly, without losing colors and so on – particularly important on a head unit, as you are not seated in front of it when driving.
Equalizer: 36 Band
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
TK0951 / ACV Facia/Remote Adaptor Kit Ford Ranger 2012 – 2015
Colour: black (only for vehicles with display)
For vehicles with Factory 4.2” dash top display (not for vehicles with ‘basic’ display with time set buttons, or larger 4.7” display with SD card slot)
Many car manufacturers install car specific head units to fit the optical
picture of the dashboard.
For this reason, you will need one of our facia plates to professionally fit a DIN or Double DIN aftermarket radio into your car. You probably also need car specific harnesses, antenna adapters,
AC-CSAAD09 – ATOTO Rear View Camera  Rearview Camera with Live Rearview, HD Picture Quality, Night Vision / Waterproof, Compatible with ATOTO S8 /F7 Series/A6 KarLink/A6 PF Version. Not Compatible with SA102/ A6Y/P8